INTERFLAM DURO convection heating inserts are products with high aesthetics and the highest efficiency. The main advantage of convection inserts is the ability to quickly deliver a large amount of hot air. The convection system is a good solution for apartments with a large cubature and a significant heat demand.

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Our strategic objective is to provide our customers with the highest quality products. We offer top-class fireplace inserts that ensure safety of use and the impression of cosiness. At every stage of production, we follow the quality policy procedures, from the control of goods acceptance to the receipt before shipment. Our company has a factory production control certificate, which is audited annually by an accredited external entity. Our products undergo quality control under EN 13229 and are tested for two types A and A1 and are marked with the CE mark. All materials used in the production of inserts have attestations and certificates allowing them to be marketed.

INTERFLAM DURO convection heating inserts are products with high aesthetics and the highest efficiency. The main advantage of convection inserts is that they deliver large amounts of hot air quickly. The convection system is a good solution for apartments with a large cubature and a significant heat demand.

The hearth deflector is lined with a vermiculite insert and the air curtain on the top of the door ensures a great view of the fire and high efficiency. A very important feature of all inserts is a serially mounted separation chamber for supplying the furnace with air from the outside, which accelerates the circulation of warm air in the facility and protects people in the room with the fireplace against an increase in the concentration of very dangerous carbon dioxide in the air. Thanks to the use of the best materials, they are characterized by great durability and good heating properties.

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INOX handle cut in a variant with upwards opening doors.


INOX handle cut in a variant with side opening doors.

33 440x440

Standard air control knob.

44 440x440

Air regulator in a variant with an upwards opening door.


Side lock in the upward opening door variant.

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Grate under which the ashpan is located.

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Secondary combustion chamber.

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Hot air distributor.

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Height-adjustment feet.

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88 440x440

A string on which a stable frame is suspended.

99 440x440

Galvanized housing.

Scheme of construction of the Interflam Duro convection heating insert

Schemat Interflam Duro 797x1300
  1. A special arrangement of three vermiculite deflectors extends the path of the flues to the chimney, thanks to which they give off additional heat, increasing the efficiency of the insert.
  2. The system of secondary combustion, i.e. afterburning of gases and dust, is carried out by blowing air into the furnace through openings in the back wall. This process ensures complete combustion, increases the insert’s efficiency, and reduces pollutant emissions.
  3. The combustion chamber is lined with high-quality chamotte.
  4. The inserts are equipped with three types of glazing:
    simple, side and lifted. The side glazing is available in a variant with connecting panes or curved glass (GS).
  5. The capacious container and the grate make it easy to remove the ash.
  6. Flexible gasket with shape memory
  7. Air supply to the furnace directly from the outside. The air is directed under the grate, onto the glass and onto the back wall (secondary combustion).
  8. The steel hot air distributor makes it easy to connect the insert to the warm air distribution duct system.
  9. The high ribbing of the steel body and the heat exchangers used increase the heat dissipation surface.
  10. The modern façade and a large glass pane with black decoration provide a perfect vision of fire.
  11. The air supply system on the glass protects it from excessive dirt.
  12. Convenient stainless steel handle.
  13. Air supply adjustment from the outside.
  14. The wood stopper prevents the burnt wood from sliding down onto the glass.
  • The insert’s housing acts as an air distributor,
  • the air curtain is responsible for maintaining the clean glass effect and afterburning of exhaust gases, which ensures high efficiency of the device,
  • lining the hearth with chamotte bricks is to increase the combustion temperature and accumulate heat to give it back after the fire is extinguished,
  • the continuously adjustable air distribution system enables the proper distribution of air during lighting up and maintaining the fire in the continuous operation mode.