Amstal Ikony Oferta 10

The TruLaser Cell laser system is the ideal tool for processing two- and three-dimensional components or tubes. Our operators have the flexibility to switch between cutting, welding and laser cladding.

We perform the following services:

  • 2D laser cutting,
  • 3D laser cutting,
  • laser welding,
  • laser cladding.

FastLine Cell’s on-the-move firing and dynamic optical cutting system significantly reduce processing time. In addition, in the case of a larger number of pieces, we can work in a mode with a rotary changer, and thus simultaneously produce and unload elements.

Technological capabilities

3D laser welding and cuttingTruLaser Cell 7020
Axis path range 
X axis path range [mm]2000
Y-axis path range [mm]1500
Z axis path range [mm]750
B axis path range [mm]± 135 °
C axis path range [mm]n x 360 °
Axis shift range of the dynamic optical cutting system [mm]± 9
Maximum axle speeds 
Max. axis speed parallel to the X axis [m/min].100
Max. axis speed parallel to the Y axis [m/min].100
Max. axis speed parallel to Z axis [m/min].100
Max. axis speed simultaneously [m/min].173
Max. laser power [W].6,000
Type of laserTruFlow