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A professional and reliable partner in the field of laser cutting. Get support at every stage and develop your production with us!

Laser cutting is a modern technology that allows you to quickly and precisely obtain a given element from various types of metal sheets. Additionally, the choice of this method results in costs reduction – the use of a laser is cheaper than conventional processing methods.

In our company, laser cutting of metal sheets is carried out with an accuracy of 0.1 mm on modern Trumpf laser machines, which guarantees high repeatability of laser-cut parts.

  • obtaining a smooth and clean cut surface
  • high precision, making it possible to produce a component which does not require further finishing
  • possibility to create any shape of the laser cut part
  • 100% reproducibility of shapes
  • less deformation of the detail due to the high speed of the cutting process and the concentration of energy, which translates into a narrow heat affected zone
  • maximum material utilisation and optimisation of the laser cutting process, including by creating a narrow cutting gap and the use of modern technological programmes
  • attractive prices, including the ability to negotiate for large orders
  • fast laser cutting quote
  • modern machine park
  • the ability to laser cut both a single piece and batches of several thousand details
  • the possibility of laser engraving elements
  • comprehensive customer service – from laser cutting, through plastic processing and machining, to powder coating and galvanic processing

Technological capabilities

Sheet metal laser cutting / 2D laser cutters

3030 FIBER 6kW

Laser 3030 Duze

5030 FIBER 5kW

Trumpf Trulaser 5030 Fiber 3kw

5030 FIBER 3kW

Trumpf Trulaser 5030 Fiber 3kw

5030  6kW

Trumpf Trulaser 5030 6kw.

5030  5kW

Trumpf Trulaser 5030 6kw.

L4050 5 kW

Trumpf Trumatic L4050 2

Maximum dimension of laser cut element [mm]1500x 30001500×30001500×30001500x 30001500x 30004000×2000
Maximum black sheet thickness [mm]252525252525
Maximum thickness of stainless steel [mm]252015252020
Maximum aluminum sheet thickness [mm]252015251215
Maximum copper sheet thickness [mm]10104
Maximum brass sheet thickness [mm]10104