The AMSTAL Group has been operating on the domestic market since 2000. The headquarters is located in Modlnica near Kraków. Its organisational structure includes a Construction and Technology Department, Production Department, Tool Room Department, Welding Department, Sheet Metal Laser Processing Department, Assembly Department and Quality Control Department. Thanks to this, we can offer you a comprehensive service, starting from the element’s design, through its manufacture, to conducting implementation tests with the possible launch of serial production.

The Amstal Group consists of over a hundred experienced and highly qualified professionals working on modern laser machines from Trumf and Bystronic. We have created an efficient system divided into seven separate departments, thanks to which we carry out the most complex orders in the field of laser cutting and welding, sheet metal forming, machining and electrical discharge machining.

The company’s core consists of technical level employees and a large engineering staff, guaranteeing the reliability of the services and assistance in the implementation of the project at its inception stage.

Our employees constantly improve their qualifications in order to offer solutions that will be the best for you.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive services to both individual and corporate customers. The recipients of our products and services are companies with various business profiles (industries: heating, ventilation, automotive, metal, plastics, electronics, food, textiles, recycling), ranging from small customers to companies serving car concerns such as VW, ABB, VALEO or MEILLER. Our products are distributed to the Polish and foreign market.

In 2004, a production and service building with an area of 1,200 m² was built, located in Giebułtów, at ul. Judyty 18, where the production of air distribution systems is currently taking place.

In 2013, we have completed the implementation of a project, which included the construction of a production and storage hall and the purchase of innovative equipment. The new building at ul. Dębowa 4, with a total area of 2,500 m², houses the laser sheet metal processing department.

We are currently one of the top metalworking companies in Poland. Wise investment in new technologies and the successive introduction of innovations have allowed us not only to adapt to the needs of the market, but also to set new standards. We have a large area of land with the potential for further growth and the ability to expand the plant.