Amstal Ikony Oferta 04

The scope of our activities has been extended to include metalworking using a Waterjet – a 2-head machine that allows water jet cutting.

This innovative method of material processing is based on using the accumulated energy of a high-pressure water stream (approx. 4,000 bar), which cuts out a strip of material at supersonic speed.

This method is very universal, because with the use of a water jet, you can cut any materials up to 200 mm thick, which would not be possible with the use of other methods.

Processable materials include:

  • all alloy, structural and tool steels (also in a hardened state),
  • aluminium and its alloys,
  • copper and brasses,
  • chrome (stainless and acid-resistant),
  • titanium,
  • molybdenum,
  • ceramic materials (tiles, stoneware, porcelain),
  • natural (marble, granite) and artificial stone (all conglomerates),
  • solid glass and glued with foil or resin,
  • resin composites,
  • plastics,
  • wood and wood-like materials (plywood, MDF).

The use of CAD/CAM design technology in conjunction with CNC allows to obtain any shapes in terms of two-dimensional geometry. The water jet can be used to cut holes with a diameter from 1 mm upwards. Cutting does not produce heat, which is important for metals with a low melting point (eg. aluminum) and hardened materials.

The waterjet cutting method is environmentally friendly because no toxic waste is generated when using it. The abrasives we use are natural and chemically inert. Moreover, the method is cheap and flexible, which is important for the production of prototypes or small series of products.

Technological capabilities

  • Max. dimension of the laser cut element – 1500 x 3000 mm
  • Max. cutting thickness – 200
  • Number of heads – 2