Amstal Ikony Oferta 03

We bend metal sheets according to the provided suggestions and guidelines given. Each piece is created with extreme care and accuracy, as evidenced by our quality control procedures. We can produce any number of copies with 100% repeatability for you. The experience of our operators and an extensive machine park guarantee the highest quality products.

TRUMPF numerical press brakes are modern machines equipped with advanced CNC controls and automatic compensation of the deflection arrow, which allows for work with high accuracy in 7 axes. The automatic compensation of the deflection arrow allows for accurate bending of sheets along the entire working length and the use of corrections in the event of changing the parameters of the bent materials. The maximum length of the bent element is 4100 mm at a pressure of 230 tons.

Technological capabilities

Sheet metal bending /
Press brakes

TRUMPF TruBend 5170


TRUMPF TruBend 5130


TRUMPF TruBend 3120


TRUMPF TruBend 5085


TRUMPF TruBend 5050


TRUMPF TruBend 7036


Maximum length of the bent element [mm]410032003100200012001200
Maximum pressing force [N]170013001200850500360
Number of controlled axesY1/Y2/X/R/Z1/Z2Y1/Y2/X1/X2/R/Z1/Z2Y1/Y2/X/R/Z1/Z2Y1/Y2/X/R/Z1/Z3Y1/Y2/X1/X2/R/Z1/Z2Y1/Y2/X1/X2/R/Z1/Z2