Amstal Ikony Oferta 07

EDM is a type of technologically advanced, very precise machining based on the principle of deep or wire electrical discharge erosion. In the first case, it is an electrode made on a CNC machine, and in the second, it is a rewound wire.

It is mainly used in the processing of specialised machine parts and other difficult-to-cut materials, as it allows for obtaining complex shapes that are difficult or impossible to perform by machining (e.g. internal sharp corners and threads in hardened materials or carbides).


Materials from which we process parts:

  • steel (acid-resistant, stainless steel, tool steel, bearing steel, construction steel) – the possibility of processing virtually any material that conducts electricity,
  • sintered carbides.

Technological capabilities

Electrical Discharge Erosion / EDM machines – wire cuttersCHARMILLES ROBOFORM 100 EDM machineCHARMILLES ROBOFORM 400 EDM machineCHARMILLES ROBOFORM 4000 EDM machineCHARMILLES ROBOFIL 290 wire EDM machineCHARMILLES ROBOFIL 300 wire EDM machineCHARMILLES ROBOFIL 6000 wire EDM machine
Working area X [mm]220450450400400630
Working area Y [mm]160320320240240400
Working area Z [mm]220400400200200200
Working area C [mm]360036003600
Working area U [mm]±400±400±50
Working area V [mm]±240±240±50