Amstal Ikony Oferta 06

Turning is the most popular type of machining. In the turning process, we can obtain all shapes and surfaces, the result of which are products in the form of solids of revolution.

In the case of CNC (Computerised Numerical Control) turning, it is a fully automated process, resulting in fully repeatable production of the target product. An additional advantage is the ability to form any threads, both metric and inch.

The turning service is performed on CNC lathes and DMG turning centers with high rigidity and high accuracy. Our turning centers are equipped with storage-bar feeders, thanks to which the production process of details is fully automated, which significantly reduces production times and allows us to carry out large-scale orders.


Materials from which we process parts:

  • Steel (structural, acid-resistant, stainless steel, tool steel).
  • Non-ferrous metals (aluminium, bronze, brass).
  • Plastics (polyamide PA6, POM, etc.).

Technological capabilities

CNC turning / Turning machines – turning centresGILDEMEISTER CTX 210 turning centreGILDEMEISTER CTX 420 turning centreGILDEMEISTER NEF 520 numerical turning machineGILDEMEISTER NEF 320 numerical turning machineFAMOT EUROPA turning machine
ControlFANUC numericalSIEMENS numericalHEIDENHEIN numericalHEIDENHEIN numericalconventional
Work area:     
Handle [mm]Ø165Ø300Ø250Ø200Ø200
Spindle diameter [mm]Ø40Ø60Ø65Ø45Ø40
Maximum turning diameter over carriage [mm]Ø120Ø300Ø275Ø150Ø210
Maximum turning diameter over bed [mm]Ø400Ø500Ø500Ø350Ø340
Maximum turning length [mm]2808008006501000
Maximum turning diameter with automatic feeding [mm]3060