Amstal Ikony Oferta 02

In order to provide you with the best possible service, we have expanded our offer with laser cutting of pipes and profiles.

Such a solution:

  • enables non-contact processing of various types of materials with different thicknesses (steel, aluminum, non-ferrous metals),
  • ensures details are cut out precisely and quickly,
  • guarantees savings by performing several operations simultaneously on one machine,
  • allows you to avoid many additional processing activities compared to conventional technologies for cutting pipes and profiles,
  • gives more options to designers and constructors,
    provides a modern look to the final product.

with the following parameters:

  • processing profiles and pipes up to ∅ 170 mm,
  • loading length 6.5 m,
  • length of finished detail up to 6.0 m,
  • fiber laser source with a power of 3 kW,
  • automatic seam search,
  • the possibility of 3D cutting with a head tilt of +/- 45 degrees,
  • material optimisation programmes,
  • the possibility of engraving details,
  • processed materials: construction steel, stainless steel, aluminum and non-ferrous metals.